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As you may remember, Mr. Cowgill, I spent a summer in Israel some many years ago. While I was there I visited Palestinian refugee camps and participated in discussions with Palestinians and later with Palestinian scholars. The situation of Israel and Palestine is deeply complex and fraught with the burdens of history and the challenges of mid-east politics.

There can be no excuse for terrorism. I condemn Hamas. Israel has every right to defend itself (and this latest manifestation of anti-Israel violence is the worst since the Shoah ). I have friends in Israel and I pray for them and for their families. I pray for the country’s recovery.

That being said, I deplore Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and blockade of Gaza. I remember seeing Begin and Arafat shaking hands and hearing Arafat renounce terrorism,and watching anxiously as the PLO morphed into the Palestinian Authority. Many of us hoped that peace talks would continue and that a solution would be reached. O, how wrong we were! I pray for the Palestinian people.

And as for Harvard, two thoughts: Larry Summers is no longer president of Harvard. And, I am glad that “Social Media “ did not exist when I was in college. Isn’t college where students go to learn, to make mistakes- to grow up?

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Agree with you 100%. And Harvard better get its act together.

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