Sitemap - 2023 - Red Meat For Mushy Moderates

From Manhattan to Dave Barry: Happy New Year

Are smart phones killing young minds?

Why do we think academic achievement makes for good leaders?

A good year for labor? For the big guys, yes

Dr. K: Master of statecraft or war criminal?

'Holdovers' from another era ...

Please, no more cries of 'population control'

Tuesday was a good night for Dems but ...

Loving Seattle and environs

Mass shooting epidemic appears hopeless

What's the matter with Kamala Harris?

Violence shatters hopes of peace in the Middle East

Fun Times At The Chaos Party

Yes, I do 'feel a little bit dumber'

The $100 million 'stealth' mystery

New Mexico governor suspends gun rights

America's tribal schism

The Smarmy Ramaswamy

Getting away: a necessity of life

'Seized ... but not silenced'

Reaching the 'tipping' point?

Third indictment and no longer Triple A

'Takin' It To The Streets' ...

How old is too old?

Hollywood strike: Could a 'perfect storm' cause an industry 'collapse?'

To sleep, perchance to dream ...

SCOTUS squashes affirmative action

If you've never seen the "Old South," go straight to Charleston

SCOTUS ethics watch, part 2; and Titanic-style reforms needed

'Cultural tyranny' and the 2024 'No Labels' trap

Running the country from Trump's jail cell, Chick-fil-A and the 'home ownership scam'

Through the smoke >> Happy Trump indictment day, part 2

'Follow your passions': wise words or 'Utter BS'?

Boston's little green men

Memorial Day ...

DeSantis Gets In, Chartock Gets Out

Chicago: 'First we get the money,' then we take their suitcases?

Will angst over abortion rights tank a state Supreme Court nomination?

'Pornography for Democrats': fantasy campaign does highlight a real problem

BREAKING NEWS: Bear in the house and we lived to tell the tale

A mea culpa on CNN's Trump town hall

Jeffrey Epstein's powerful hold, Thomas must go and 'people with uteruses'

America's depression epidemic and the 'most dangerous woman in the world'

On Carlson, I have 'No Tucks left to give' and smokers are a dying breed

Post-judgement, does Fox News have a plan for 'Succession?'

One more stab at Thomas, then I promise I'll quit

'The Stupidity Burns' and other thoughts ...

SPECIAL EDITION: Traveler Clarence Thomas and the Unaccountable SCOTUS

Happy Donald Trump Arraignment Day and other thoughts ...

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